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Музыкальная группа на праздник в стиле ретро, джаз, рок-н-ролл, диско, стиляги
Лаборатория Шоу, музыкальная группа на праздник






  Lab Show and trio EasyTone present a musical programme "Love Live". We officialy start our new programme, designed for weddings and parties with a love theme.

"Love Live"- is a romantic and lyrical programme that consists of the best songs about love of the twentieth century on french, english, italian, spanish and portuguese languages. A visit card of this programme is an acapella Beatle's cover "All you need is love".



Trio EasyTone started to rehearse with musicians a new LIVE programme. From april it will be possible to order for a party our full swing band of 4 musicians and three singers. Now the live programme will be 3 times more energetic, bright and gaily! We still offer multiple programmes: swing and jazz, rock'n'roll, disco and retro.

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