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Музыкальная группа на праздник в стиле ретро, джаз, рок-н-ролл, диско, стиляги
Группа Джайв и трио EasyTone, музыкальная группа на празднике в стиле джаз, ретро, рок-н-ролл, свинг
Лаборатория Шоу, музыкальная группа на праздник





Valentina Nagieva (General Director of the Internet portal BSN.ru):

"Trio EasyTone performed at our award «AMBITION 2012». It was a wonderful concert, they sang jazz music and dance music. We were especially pleased that they were able to sing our anthem, given that the text we have invented an hour before that. Our guests were happy and asked contacts of the team of".

Link: http://www.bsn.ru/ambitions/results/

Svetlana (Director of the BN.ru):

"Band Jive" had been performing on a solemn closing of the National Competition Kredo 2012. We enjoyed a lot the performance of the group, it was really bright, amazing and professional. They sang a lot of Rock'n'Roll music,international hits of the 80s and 90s. Our guests danced a lot and after the celebration wanted the band to sing something more. We are going to invite LabShow more to our forthcoming parties."

Link: http://www.gilforum.ru/competition/credo_photoreport.html

Galina Shakhova. Advertising agency "Replika":

"We invited trio EasyTone to our corporaate party and our clients were very- very happy!!! Girls especially for us composed a poppuri of the songs we wanted! Professionals in all senses! Great voices, brilliant performance! We're gonna keep on working with them with great pleasure. Thank you very much!"

Maria Zhukova. Company Keramatika.:

"Our guests enjoyed the LabShow a lot. Girls from trio EasyTone made a great performance on our party. Especially for our party in Italian style girls prepared 3 songs in italian language. thank you! Very bright, energetic, gorgeous voices!"

Dmitry Tigrulin. Leading programs, DJ:

"I am still impressed by the trio EasyTone- it is really great! If I haven't been a DJ I wouldn't believe that they sing live, that their voices are nor grabbed! Really Great!"

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